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Study on Urban Major Accident Evolution Mechanism and Major Dangerous Monitoring Key Technology in "Tenth Five-Year" (MOST)

Study on Urban Major Accident Risk Control and Emergency Technology and Pilot Test in "Tenth Five-Year" (MOST)

Study on Urban Major Accident Emergency Technology Platform in "Tenth Five-Year" (MOST)

Digital Fire Fighting and Rescue Dynamic Plan of Beijing Olympic Venues in 2008 in "Tenth Five-Year" (MOST)

Study on Law and Detection of Early Fire Smoke Movement in High and Large Thermal Stratification (NSFC)

Research, Integration and Application of National Emergency Platform Key Technology and Equipment in "Eleventh Five-Year" (MOST)

Study on National Emergency Standard System and Key Technology in "Eleventh Five-Year" (MOST)

Study on Emergency Response Key Technology in Typical Social Public Places in "Eleventh Five-Year" (MOST)

Study on Fire Collaboration Control System Performance Evaluation in "Eleventh Five-Year" (MOST)

Study on Emergency Management Information System of Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering in "Eleventh Five-Year" (MOST)

Study on Urban Water Supply Emergency Management and Preparation System in "Eleventh Five-Year" (MOST)

Evacuation Behavior and Model Research Project in Disasters (NSFC)

Study on Measurement Model and Method of Composite Photoacoustic and Light Scattering of Gas-solid Two-phase Concentration in Fire Smoke (NSFC)

Study on Early Warning Method for Network Public Opinion (NSFC)

Study on Key Issues of Urban Comprehensive Risk Assessment and Emergency Response (NSFC)

Study on Forecast Model of General Disaster Chain in Multi-factor Space-time Coupling (NSFC)

Study on Quantitative Risk Assessment of Urban Gas Supply Based on Complex Network Dynamics (NSFC)

Study on Emergency Reliefs Deployment in Demand Conflict and Target Softening (NSFC)

Integration Research Platform for Basic Scientific Issues of National Emergency Platform System Based on "Scene - Response" (NSFC)

Impact on Early Warning Decision with Poor Knowledge and Multi-sectoral Cooperative Early Warning Mechanism (NSFC)

Study on Parameter Inversion Method for Dangerous Substances Diffusion in Urban Underground (NSFC)

Study on Multi-factor Regional Risk Assessment of Major Hazard Sources (NSFC)

Study on Multi-factor Space-time Coupling Risk Assessment of Mobile Hazard Sources (NSFC)

Study on Systematic Integration Principle and Method of Unconventional Emergency Response Technology (NSFC)

Study on Emergency Decision Method Based on General Coupling (NSFC)

Study on Simulation and Management Strategy of Urban Large-scale Evacuation (NSFC)

Study on Contingency Decision-making Method for Emergency Evacuation Based on Real-time Information and Group Psychology (NSFC)

Study on Evaluation Index and Assessment System of Security-oriented City in "Twelfth Five-Year" (MOST)

Urban Integrated Monitoring System of Typical Risks Based on IoT intelligent perception in "Twelfth Five-Year" (MOST)

Study on Emergency Low Altitude Aircraft Monitoring Technology in "Twelfth Five-Year" (MOST)

Digital Emergency Preparedness in "Twelfth Five-Year" (MOST)

Study on Emergency Prediction and Decision-making Platform of Multi-scale, Dynamic and Comprehensive Nuclear Accidents (MOST 863 Plan)

Study on Decision-making Method for Unconventional Situation-oriented Emergency (NSFC)

Study on Impact and Response of Network Public Opinion on Emergency Evolution (NSFC)

Study on the Business Continuity and Comprehensive Space-time Evaluation of National Critical Infrastructure Emergency Response Capability (NSFC)

Study on Dynamic Emergency Decision-making for Unconventional Sudden Incidents (NSFC)

Study on Human Body Thermal Reaction in the Fire (NSFC)

Study on Influenza Pandemic Dynamics and Containment Strategy Based on Mass Flow Patterns (NSFC)

Study on Evacuation Dynamics in Disasters (MOE)

Key Technology Research and Concept Prototype Construction of High-speed Railway Disaster Prevention Surveillance Emergency System (MOE)

Early Disaster Information Detection, Early Warning Network System Technology (MOE)

Railway Emergency System Research (MOR)

Civil Air Defense Operation and Maintenance Management Based on IoT (CCAD)

Code Standard of Civil Air Defense Project (CCAD)

Study on Comprehensive Design of Beijing Emergency Command System (Beijing)

Study on Olympic Stadiums Fire Protection System (Beijing)

Study on Performance Evaluation of Olympic Stadiums Fire Protection System (Beijing)

Fire Safety Demand Analysis and Technical Selection for Beijing High Buildings (Beijing)

Demand Analysis and Technology Selection of Key Technology and Equipment for Urban Emergency Management (Beijing)

Integrated Risk Assessment Technology with Multi-factor and Multi-link Coupling (Beijing)

Research and Demonstration of Command System for Fire Field Based on Multi-source Information (Beijing)

Personnel Positioning and Evacuation Based on Internal Monitoring in Super High Buildings (Beijing)

Comprehensive Evaluation on Emergency Response Capacity of Beijing Public Place (Beijing)

Study on Comprehensive Digital Plan Technology and System for Fire Protection in Super High Buildings (Beijing)

Study on Situation Analysis Method for Urban Pipeline Network (Beijing)

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