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The day control intelligence convenes safe production work meeting

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Responsibility is more to mount tai

------The day control intelligence convenes safe production work meeting

  On November 8, 2017, anhui birth control intelligent technology co., LTD. Production safety work conference held in room 207 in the company, idea, zhou Yang, general manager assistant to the general manager to attend the meeting and speech, production center Huang Jiwen, Chen Yan department head to attend the meeting.

  The conference mainly studies the deployment of safe production and efforts to create a safe and stable environment for the development of the company. The meeting stressed that "responsibility is more important than taishan", and that safe production is the top priority of enterprises, and the heads of all departments are responsible for the work of security management. For the security hidden dangers found in the work of this department, we should find one, rectify one, and leave no room for development and expansion of the accident. Company will always adhere to the principle of safety first, prevention first, comprehensive control, on the basis of strengthening security responsibility, for safety training, education and training in manpower and material resources, is committed to building harmonious enterprise production safety.

  The convening of the meeting, marking our company safe production has been on a new step, we have reason to believe that, under the joint efforts of all staff, will implement safety production work, effectively ensuring the company more good momentum of rapid, healthy and sustainable development.

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