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Dchen intelligent meeting supplier technology exchange meeting

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  On November 17, 2017, to ensure the quality and stability of raw material products, the purchasing department of the company held a supplier technology exchange meeting. The head of the supply chain management center, zhou Yang, deputy leader of the group, and the heads of various departments of the production center attended the meeting.

  During the technical exchange meeting, the two parties have made an in-depth exchange of the quality and technical indicators of the pump. Zhou Yang has always made clear instructions on the supply ability and raw material quality of the manufacturers. The company has put forward strict requirements on the core technical parameters of the pump.After the meeting, we conducted on-site demonstration and made clear requirements on the use of the core technical parameters of raw materials.

  The production of intelligent combustible gas monitor for the second phase of hefei city's urban lifeline will be strictly controlled by the high standard. Through this technical exchange meeting, the two sides reached an agreement to actively ensure the quality and technical standards of the products and supply them on time.

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