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The day control intelligence completes the ISO9001 first audit work smoothly

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  From December 16 to 17, 2017, fangyuan logo certification group has conducted a quality management system audit examination for anhui Chen control intelligent technology co., LTD.
  For the first time meet ISO audit, all the departments of the birth control intelligent into YingJian work actively, as early as two months ago, the company internal auditors to strict censorship of YingJian data and the field environment, the rectification to non-conformance, make full preparation. Check on the same day, fangyuan mark certification group co., LTD Ma Yucheng teacher, Jia Yuanjie teacher to control intelligent overhaul quality management system, and to each post spot check and control the effectiveness of the intelligent management system for Chen gave full affirmation.

  The external audit mainly took the form of document review, site view, inspection record, inquiry and so on. Through the careful outside, promoted the birth control intelligence gradually improve the job of ISO system normal operation, the management system and the actual work closely together, increase the understanding of the ISO system and pay attention to employees, improve the management level and service quality, make quality management, the real effect has laid a solid foundation for project promotion implementation. (project management department)

(first meeting)