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The Chen control intelligence successfully passed the national standard three enterprises to reach the standard acceptance

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  For laying solid foundation of safe production management, enhance the level of enterprise safety in production, build long-term effective mechanism of safety in production, on December 24, 2017, Chen intelligent control was carried out by "safety production standardization level enterprise" standards create work and accept safety bureau experts review.

  Panel controls national safety bureau issued "mechanical manufacturing enterprise rating standard for examination and assessment of safety quality standardization", our company office building, factory department, warehouse, etc for the production facilities, occupational health, emergency rescue and accident management, a total of 13 similar other comprehensive assessment, and unanimously company safety production management level in accordance with the provisions of the state, to achieve national safety standardization level 3 production enterprise standard.

  Review for our further standardize enterprise security management, improve the level of safety management, security has a positive guiding significance to production safety work, "safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management; Full participation, compliance with regulations, continuous improvement, the road to safe production is only a starting point and no end. We believe that through the concerted efforts of all the people, the company will be able to step into a stable and stable orbit. (project management department)

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